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Sign Test

Sign Test - A non-parametric test that does not require normally distributed data to be used.

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Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma certification is the key to unlocking job opportuinies in key industries.

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Example of a Normal Distribution

This example of a normal distribution can help your understanding of basic statistics.

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Is Decision Making A Skill

Do we just make decisions without a thought or is it a skill?

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NPV Calculation Into Perpetuity

A company is evaluating a new project which requires an initial investment of Rs 1,000,000 and would generate Rs125,000 p.a in perpetiuty starting one

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What is the importance of standard deviation and 5 uses?

please can you give me importance and 5 uses of standard deviation in business?

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Net present value of real estate sales over 15 years

If I have 20 lot sales a year for 15 years at a starting price of $200,000 what is the net present value of those sales in the first year?

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How To Write A Business Plan

Learn how to write a business plan. A business plan is a plan for success. Without a business plan, you have a plan for failure.

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Learn About Net Present Value

Why is Net Present Value important? Is this the best method for comparing the economics of projects? What other methods are there?

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What’s the preferred decision-making process?

If you are a member of a team, what are the preferred decision making process? Explore the Norms that exist in a team.

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B2B Financing

B2B financing is the lubricant between businesses doing business with each other. Without that lubricant much less business would be done. Cash on the barrel head slows your business's growth rate. The discounts that you give and the interest you pay are an accepted part of doing business. If your customer takes longer to pay, then you benefit from discounts not taken and/or interest paid. Of course it is a double edged sword when you are late with your payments.

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Decision making models are all about making good judgements. There are judgements that are emotional, spur of the moment, horseback or back of envelope - a quick decision. There are also the rational informed kind. The rational informed kind are the ones that most of us want to make. Even if that kind of decision takes longer. That is especially true when it comes to business decision making where dollars are on the line. You probably know that the majority of businesses fail. The biggest reason for that failure is making bad decisions. The tools here can help you make good decisions.

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