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CD Calculator Compounded Daily

Money Growing

The cd calculator compounded daily calculates the compound interest of a cd that is compounded daily.

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Calculate NPV Without Initial Investment

Cash Flow

Calculating NPV without the requirement of an upfront investment.

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How To Make a Choice?


How to make a choice? Learn how to make decisions without procrastinating.

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How to Find Simple Intrest


It is important to know how to find simple intrest (interest) of a loan or investment. This will help one to know the cost of a loan or investment return.

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Sign Test

Random Sample of Data Pairs

Sign Test - A non-parametric test that does not require normally distributed data to be used.

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Six Sigma Certification


Six Sigma certification is the key to unlocking job opportuinies in key industries.

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Example of a Normal Distribution

Graph of a Normal Curve

This example of a normal distribution can help your understanding of basic statistics.

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Is Decision Making A Skill

Is Decision Making a Skill

Do we just make decisions without a thought or is it a skill?

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NPV Calculation Into Perpetuity

A company is evaluating a new project which requires an initial investment of Rs 1,000,000 and would generate Rs125,000 p.a in perpetiuty starting one

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What is the importance of standard deviation and 5 uses?

please can you give me importance and 5 uses of standard deviation in business?

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Net present value of real estate sales over 15 years

If I have 20 lot sales a year for 15 years at a starting price of $200,000 what is the net present value of those sales in the first year?

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How To Write A Business Plan

Business Plan Idea

Learn how to write a business plan. A business plan is a plan for success. Without a business plan, you have a plan for failure.

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