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How to Make a Quick Decision

Are decisions made quickly always bad decisions?

It really is simple to make a quick decision if you know the process that you should follow, Instead of relying on others' advice and opinions on your decisions. Stressing yourself out over what other people may think about the decisions that you make is certainly not good for your health and it's not good for your ego, either. Let's face it-- the other people in your life that you talk to won't have to live with the decisions that you make, but you ultimately will. By setting in motion a process for making a quick decision now, you'll have a future reference when trying to make choices down the road.

The Problem or Dilemma

First, take a step back to look at the whole picture or problem that you have in front of you. Most decision making models will tell you that this is a long process, but ideally you should be able to make a quick decision by first getting the problem or dilemma out in the open. If you have to, take a step outside yourself and take an objective view. Next, write down the problem that you have so that you'll have a clear focus on what's ultimately important.

Making Lists of Alternatives

After you've written down your problem, identify the solutions that you have. If you have multiple solutions or paths you can take, write down and think about the consequences of making those decisions permanent. How will it affect your life? Will it affect you emotionally, physically, or financially?

When thinking about the alternative options you have to choose from, think and write down all the negative and positive things associated with those options. Make a pro-and-con list for each option that you have.

Evaluating Alternatives

Evaluate the possible decisions by weighing what's important and what's not. For example, is enjoying your co-workers at a possible new job as important as the financial gains you'll receive by accepting the job opportunity? As you weigh each of the options or solutions to your problem, you'll begin to get a clearer picture of which decision it is that you should be making.

Making the Final Decision

When the pros, cons, and consequences of the alternative options have been listed and you have given careful consideration to what each solution or answer will bring you, take the leap and make a quick decision about what you want to do. Don't procrastinate and don't linger about "what ifs," but enjoy the decision and be confident in what you have chosen. In addition, don't let anyone tell you that you've made the wrong choice because you are ultimately responsible for your life and the decisions in it.


These are the essential steps to making a quick decision if you're troubled about the different choices that you have in your life. Taking a step back to relax, considering the alternatives and the consequences of each, and making the choice that will benefit you the most is the best way to approach making a quick decision.

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