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Business Analysis

Business analysis is the process of evaluating and analyzing a company's operations int order to identify areas for improved business performance. With a business analysis, businesses can gain a better understanding of their operations. That will lead to making informed decisions about how to improve company efficiency.

There are many benefits of doing a business analysis. Iit can be a highly rewarding process for any business. Here are a few reasons why:

Identifying areas for improvement: One of the primary benefits of business analysis is that it helps identify areas for improvement. By examining various aspects of the business, including its processes, systems, and strategies, businesses can find areas that are not performing as well as they could be. This information can then be used to develop targeted strategies and initiatives to address these areas and improve overall performance.

Enhancing productivity: A business analysis can help identify inefficiencies in the company's operations, which can lead to wasted resources. With these inefficiencies eliminated, businesses will improve productivity. This can result in impressive cost savings.

Enhancing decision-making: a business analysis provides businesses with valuable insights that can be of great help to decision-makers. By analyzing business data, management can make informed decisions about their operations. This can help minimize risk and maximize return on investment.

Better understanding of customers: Business analysis can help businesses better understand what their customers want. By analyzing customer data, businesses can identify trends that can aid product development and marketing strategies. This can result in goal of customer satisfaction being reached.

Improved competitive advantage: With a business analysis, businesses can gain a better understanding of their competition. This can help them develop strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Learning How

 Here you will learn quick and easy methods of analyzing your company. The techniques that you will be shown will all follow these steps:

  • Why you should use it. 
  • How it works. 
  • An example of its use. 
  • How it can work for you.

There are included within this website many techniques that are useful for the business analyst. A business analyst may wear many hats. Some of them are data analyst, system analyst, decision maker, financial analyst computer analyst and management analyst. The analyst's job can include such functions as determining the business requirements, analyzing business intelligence, and conferring with management about business strategy.

The solution pages on this website are mostly about qualitative(non number) factors. These factors include decision making and getting patents and the background for the numerical analyses. The goal will be to help you understand the pieces to solve the whole problem.

The quantitative pages will have calculators and spreadsheets that will help you to do decision analysis, financial analysis, create a graph or do a SWOT analysis. 

Business Analysis

Solutions To Your Venture's Problems

In addition to problem-solving and identifying opportunities, business analysis also involves assessing the impact of potential changes to a business. This could include evaluating the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of new projects or initiatives, as well as predicting potential risks and challenges.

A business analyst uses a variety of tools analyze data, and creating financial models, They also work closely with stakeholders across the business, including managers, employees, and customers, to understand their needs and perspectives.

Whether you're a small business owner or a corporate executive, understanding business analysis can be a valuable investment in the long-term success of your company. By leveraging the insights gained from a thoughtful analysis of your business, you can make better decisions, identify potential problems , and maximize your profitability.

So if you're struggling to overcome a specific business challenge or looking to take your company to the next level, look to business analysis for an answer to help you achieve your goals.

Business Analysis Problems Solved

Here are a few of the kinds of solutions that you can find here:

Business analysis: Finding the problems and bottlenecks in a business and solving them.  Explore the Business Analyst Skills page.

Time value of money problems: Does a project make economic sense? You can determine that with the NPV Calculator or the Internal Rate of Return Calculator.

Making a decision: What is the best logical way to make a decision? The answer is found on the 5 Step Decision Making Model and the Decision Matrix pages.

Statistical analysis of data: How do you make sense of the data that is part of any business? Use statistical inference to summarize and categorize business data to better understand the way a business works.

Dee Reavis

Welcome to my business analysis website. My name is Dee Reavis. As an industrial engineer, I have specialized in finding ways to solve business problems. It is amazing how a relatively simple technique can yield big results. I invite you to explore this website. You may well find business analysis methodologies that will save your company thousands of dollars. Remember that a dollar saved, solving your venture's problems, is the same as a dollar earned.