Small Business Finance

Small business finance is the art and science of how to finance a business. Business cares about money. After all, there is no business if you don't take care of the money part. If you like to have money, then you had better treat it well or it will go away.

Small business finance is dealing with money in a money making environment. It is looking at business strictly from a money viewpoint. The expectation is to invest a small amount of money and some labor into a business, in order to make a larger amount of money. You will find ways to find money, calculate the cost of money and even some money tutorials.

Techniques Available

Financing The Business

B2B Finance is really just the financial lubrication between 2 companies doing business with each other.

Small Business Loan Calculator will find the payment amount for a small business loan.

The Time Value Of Money

Simple Interest Calculator or Simple Intrest Calculator - You can use it to calculate loan payments, compound interest and more.

Compounding Interest Calculator - Find the value of your interest earning savings over time.

NPV-Calculator - This actually finds the NPV of 2 cash flow series.

Calculating Internal Rate Of Return - A calculator that finds the IRR of 2 cash flow series.

What is interest rate?
- Find out what your true interest rate is.

Hurdle Rate
- The discount rate used in economic analysis and how it is calculated.

Capital Budgeting
- Maximize the return on your business investments.

72 Rule
- How fast can you double your money with the rule of 72?

Financial Tutorials

How To Calculate Percentages - Learn what percentages are and how to calculate them.

Calculate-NPV  - What NPV or Net Present Value is. Find out the method of calculation.

Interest Rates - They represent the cost of money. Money borrowed always has a price.


Small business finance is were you learn to take care of the money part of your business. If you do it right the money will take care of you.

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