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Small Business Loan Calculator
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Small Business Loan Calculator

Knowing the cost of debt

This small business loan calculator is for finding the payment amount for an amortizing loan. When you know the monthly payment amount you can use that number in your business planning. One of the biggest reasons for failure, is not knowing and not controlling business expenses.

Finding your payment amount is easy. Simply change the numbers in the boxes and click outside the boxes to get your answer.

Loan Payment Calculator

How much will your monthly payments be? The factors that influence your payments are the loan amount, loan duration and the inerest rate. You know the loan amount. Just add an interest rate and the number of monthly payments. The calculator will give you the monthly payment amount required to service the loan.


When you know the three required numbers you can easily find the required monthly payment with the above caluclator.

Arguably the most important part of your loan calculation is the interest rate. Suppose you had all of the loan information except the interest rate? Interest rates are often glossed over because it is often not understood how to determine their impact. This simple intrest calculator (simple interest calculator) provides you with a way find the inerest rate and to better understand what that impact is.

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