What Is Interest Rate
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What Is Interest Rate

Finding the true interest rate of your loan or cash flow.

You might ask the question "What is interest rate?" or maybe it should be "What is the real interest rate?", when you are contemplating a loan. There is often a lot of misinformation when it comes to interest rates. Many times an interest rate is quoted for a loan that is not even close to the true interest rate. The vendor, bank or merchant may be deliberately trying to deceive you.

The Calculator

This calculator will help you find what the true interest rate is. It will help you make a better decision when it comes to financing. Simply compare the rate obtained from the calculator with the one being offered.

When you enter the following parameters, it will calculate the real interest rate for you.

  1. Principal amount
  2. Payment amount
  3. Number of months to payoff


When you understand what is the interest rate or what is the real interest rate, you will be better equipped to negotiate your best deal with a banker or vendor.

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