How To Calculate Percentages
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How To Calculate Percentages

Percentage, a measurement of a part of the whole

Let's learn how to calculate percentages. Percentages are important for stating a numbers relationship with the whole(100%) or with another number. Percentages are used in business, science and everyday life to express relationships between numbers. This simple tutorial with a calculator helps you to understand what percentage is and how it is calculated.

Help With Percentages

Understanding percentages is an important part of math education. A percentage gives you a number that represents a portion of a whole. 100% means everything or the whole. When someone says that they are giving 110%, they mean that they are giving more than they have. A percentage is simply the decimal fraction of the whole multiplied by 100. The formula is percentage = ((a portion)/(the whole))*100.

A Clarifying Example

Suppose you have 28 students in your class at school. Then 7 of them drop out. You would have 21/28 or .75 of them left in your class. In percentages this means that 75% are left in the class. Since you know that all 28 of the students is 100% then you can say that you have 75% of the students remaining in the class. It would also be true that 25% of the students have left the class.

Percent Calculations

A percentage change calculator and a percentage increase calculator are shown.


You have learned how to calculate percentages. A percentage is an easily calculated number for describing a portion of a whole.

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