Simple Interest Calculator

This simple interest calculator is really three calculators. You can solve most simple time value of money interest problems with them. The three calculators are for amount of loan payment, compound interest accumulation and interest rate of an amortizing loan.

Simply change the numbers in the boxes and click outside the boxes to get your answer.

Loan Payment

How much should you charge your customer in monthly payments? You know how much value they are receiving. Just add an interest rate and the number of monthly payments. The calculator will give you a simple interest calculate of the monthly payment required.

Compound Interest

Compound interest means to get interest on your interest. This calculator requires as input the principal amount, the interest rate, the frequency of compounding, and the term or life of the investment. The result is a future value amount. This is the amount that you will receive at the end of the term.

What Is Interest Rate?

If you want to find out the true interest rate being charged on a loan, go to what is interest rate.


Interest rates are often glossed over because it is often not understood how to determine their impact. This simple interest calculator (simple interest calculator should give you a way to better understand what that impact is.

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