Trademark Application

Protect your business name or logo from infringement

Whether its words, names, symbols or combinations, you want to make a trademark application to control it. Trademarks protect your style. They protect your brand. They protect the identity of your company and its products. It is a funny kind of protection, however. You want other people to use it. You just want them to use it your way.

You might want to make a trademark application on an expression like "jingle jangle". It could be your brand name for a line of jewelry. Your registered trademark for "jingle jangle" would prevent anyone else from using that expression with their jewelry line. However, someone in the musical mobile business might be able to get a trademark on the same expression for their unrelated business.

How do you know if something is trademarked? If it is a registered trademark you should see a ® next to it. If they are just thinking about it or the government is thinking about it, then they would display a ™ next to their mark.

The First Step

Why spend the time and money for a trademark application if someone got there first? The solution is a US Trademark Search. This search will discover if anyone else has any thing close to your mark. But what if they do? Then you must find out if it is in the same industry. Go to US Trademark Search to learn more about searching your trademark.


You need to make a trademark application to protect your brand name or business identity. You must let the world know who you are and what your products are. You must then prevent the crooks from stealing that identity.