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Standard Deviation Calculator

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The standard deviation calculator or SD calculator provided here will permit you to easily calculate the standard deviation or the variability for a given set of numbers. Briefly SD is a way to understand a data set better. Another term for SD is deviation from the mean. After you have calculated the mean for a data set you want to know how close the data points stay to the mean. For more information about this important topic in statistics please visit What is Standard Deviation.

How To Use The Calculator

The numbers included in the calculation are for illustration. All of the numbers surrounded by a rectangle may be changed. You may enter any number except zero for the calculation. The calculator will take up to 25 numbers to calculate the standard deviation. The example numbers show how to use less than 25 data points. If you want to use less than 25 numbers, put zero in the spots that are not being used (end only). You must then change n to the number of data points that you are using. The example is set up for 20 data points.


This standard deviation calculator provides a means for calculating the sample standard deviation. It is an important measure of the variability of a set of data. This calculator can be used for up to 25 data points. Follow this link for help in explaining standard deviation and a what is standard deviation

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