Logical Decisions

by Davis

I had this idea that decisions were something that you just made after thinking about it for a short time. I never realized that there could be such a logical approach.

When I lost my job recently, I needed to decide what to do. I went through the decision process like this.

1. My problem statement is that I needed a new job or income to support my family.

2. I identified the alternatives:
a. Look for a job in the same field as the old one.
b. Return to school to train for a job that is in higher demand.
c. Take a lower level job and try to cut expenses.
d. A combination of c and d.

3-4. I used the decison matrix to evaluate my alternatives. After applying various factors with weightings that felt comfortable, I decided on alternative d.

5. I am now going to school and working. Things are tight, but I think we can squeak by. In the long run it will be the best decision!

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