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Making Decisions
Decision Making Models

Making Decisions

If you aren't making decisions, the decisions are being made for you

When making decisions, it is important that the decision maker use the most effective decision tools in order to make the best decisions. On this website are several tools that can aid in the decision making process.

These decision making tools provide a logical frame work for good decisions. Emotion, intuition and inspiration are very important parts of the decision process. They are important when deciding on the alternatives or even what factors to grade the alternatives on. However, when evaluating the alternatives, it is best to rely on more logical approaches.

Decision Making Tools

Listed are decision making techniques that are available on this website. Some perspective on when and why to use each is also given.

1. Decision Making Model In Five Steps - This is a general structure for making any decision. Simple decisions may not require or need this discipline, but any decision that is important should be analyzed with a method similar to this one.

2. Decision Matrix - This method is very effective for evaluating the alternatives found in the decision making model. It is a good way to implement the third step of the five steps in the above model.

3. SWOT Analysis - This technique is best used when trying to decide which direction to steer an organization. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are recognized and analyzed.


It is best to use tools such as these when making decisions that are important. Emotion, intuition and inspiration have their place, but logic should rule when evaluation of the alternatives is being made.

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