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Make a Line Graph

"A graph is worth a 1000 numbers - Dee Reavis"

When you make a line graph, you do so to get a visual feel of how your data is changing. This is often call "Data Visualization". You want to know if your data is trending up, down or sideways. By viewing a graph of the data, you can quickly tell if the trend is changing. When the trend changes, you want to make the necessary changes to your business plans, so that your business is prepared for the change that is occurring.

The Graph Creator

In order to make a line chart with this graphing software, you must first collect your graphing data. You should then decide on a title. Go to Create A Graph for more information about graphs.

The line graph shown is supported by the data to its left. You can easily customize the graph with your own data. Everything that is in gray can be changed, including the title. If you want to graph something that has less than 25 data points, simply delete some of the graphing data inputs starting at the bottom. A print button is provided for printing your completed graph.

Using This Graphing Tool

This free graphing software is used to make a single line graph or simply to make a line graph. It is hard to visualize data meaning in its raw form. However, creating a line chart converts your raw graphing data into visual data. Seeing your data as a visual picture makes it much more comprehensible.


When you make a line graph, you have a valuable way of visualizing your business and its processes. It is easier to understand your data via of a visual picture. Use this line chart software to enhance your understanding of your numerical data.

Note: A line graph, a line plot and a line chart are all synonymous.

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