Do you need some financial learning to enhance your career and give you an extra dose of self-confidence at work?

"How to Use 7 Simple Financial Power Tools to Earn More Money, Get the "Plum" Promotions and Protect Your Career"

...Without Going Back to School, Attending Expensive Seminars, or Plowing Through Inch-Thick Financial Text Books!

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Dear [Soon to Be) Financial Whiz Kid
Re: Getting THE Career Competitive Advantage

lf you are looking for a competitive advantage in your career then take a moment to review this short report.

As you know the key succeeding in your career is to be indispensable. You want to be the one that senior management can't live without. This means that your skills are too important to ignore. Your contribution is critical to the company’s survival and your happiness is key to the organization's growth.

Most professionals know this and pursue this goal by becoming the marketing guy, or the cost-cutting expert, or the savvy corporate politician. But these roles can't hold a candle to this...

Mastering Financial Fundamentals

I'll say it a different way...

If you understand how a business' finances work then you control the business. This is a fundamental truth in the business world.

Think about it. Why is Warren Buffet, one of the world's richest men, so successful? A quick look at his biography reveals the answer — he is a master financier. Buffet's command of the balance sheet and income statement is the reason why quickly rocketed to immeasurable wealth.

You can do it too - with the right coaching.

This may be hard to believe but...

You Can Become a Financial Wizard Even
lf You Hate Numbers and Math!

Most professionals ignore the "numbers side" of the business because they believe they need to be math wunderkinds. This may be true if you're in the "black ops" division of a Hedge fund but for most this situation this is not the case.

In fact, so many people ignore financial learning that "any level" of skill will make you a stand-out in your organization.

Imagine yourself in these situations:

You are meeting with the Director of Operations and you're brainstorming ways to increase office productivity. One idea is to modernize the behemoth copying machine that gets heavy usage. During the brainstorming, the director turns to the group and asks - what's the financial impact of replacing, buying or just repairing the machine we have?


You are on the executive team of a rapidly growing start-up company. The 2 founders walk into your office and ask for your advice on this question - "Should we borrow money at 8% or should we fund future growth out of revenue?" What would you advise?

The person who has the answer to these questions - wins.

If this person is YOU then you will be the go-to person for every major decision made by the company. You'll become the "money-guy"- the person who knows "how this place really works".

Your financial acumen makes you a linchpin that the company needs in order to thrive.

Can You Teach An Old Dog - New Tricks?

My name is Dee Reavis and I've been helping executives master financial fundamentals for 30 years. Many pros come to me and ask - "I didn't get a degree in Finance - can I still learn this stuff?"

My answer is always the same - YES…If…

Look: I know you do not have the time to plow through thousands of pages learning the history, theory and science of financial management. You're busy. You have very little time and you don't have time to go back to school!

The idea of getting a book at the bookstore is just too boring and time-consuming.

That's why I've designed a short-cut…

What I've discovered is that 80% of financial problems can be solved with the same step-by-step process. That's right! You don't have to learn dozens of complicated equations - you just have to master 7 simple financial fundamentals. Get this right and you'll have the tool-kit required to knock it out of the park…

One more thing - it's important…

You'll also need a crystal-clear method for quickly mastering these 7 financial tools. Rote memorization won't cut it. Often, it's not what you know but how fast you can learn something new.

My "short-cut" will show you how to master these 7 Financial Power Tools in easy, bite-sized lessons.

Financial Mastery University

Financial University

It's easy to get a masters-level tutor on the critical financial concepts you need to be competitive in today's workplace.

I've created the Financial Mastery University to give you an advantage in your career. I've taken my 30 years of experience with Fortune 700 companies and I've boiled it down into easy-to-understand lessons that can help just about anyone exhibit impressive financial savvy.

Here's what is inside Financial Mastery University:

  • 20 Complete Financial Lessons that will show you key financial concepts. I've streamlined a 4-year master's level course into a simple-to-digest 4 month curriculum.
  • Get a Lesson Each Week - You can learn at your own pace! Every week I will email you a new lesson covering a new financial concept. Work through the material on your own time without pressure.
  • Real-World Case Studies - I've included case-studies using real companies to give you a realistic, practice tackling and sophisticated look at financial decisions. After working through these case studies you will feel prepared to solve problems in your day-to-day situations.
  • Here's a glimpse at some of the topics I will tutor you on:
  • Time Value of Money
  • Computing the Time Value of Money
  • Effective Interest
  • Present Value
  • Net Present Value
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Profitability Index
  • Intro to Capital Budgeting
  • Comparing Investment Options
  • Annuities
  • Perpetuities
  • IRR
  • Email Q&A: I am available to answer any questions you may have via email throughout the duration of the course. I'm restricting the number of students to make sure that I can answer your questions promptly and in-depth. It's like having your own personal tutor.
  • Financial Learning Certificate of Completion: At the end of the course, you'll receive a personalized certificate that you can display in your office. Also, you will be authorized to use the Financial Learning Completion designation on your resume.

Use These Financial Insights to Take Your Career to a New Level

Your new financial skills will give you a new self-confidence and "swagger" in your day to day life. You'll discover what other "money experts" know - the world is filled with opportunity when you master the financial fundamentals.

Think about what you will get:

  • The unshakable confidence in your ability to make the right financial decision for your business every single time.
  • You will gain The respect of colleagues who will rely on your sound judgment and analytical skill.
  • You will be the one-person in the meeting that understands the business problem from the inside-out and knows how to clearly explain the solution to anyone.
  • Discover the secret foundations of financial management without investing years of your life in school or learning through trial and error.
  • Your salary and benefits will increase as you demonstrate your value to the "bottom-line" of the organization - your employer will see you as investment that delivers a return and not just another payroll employee.
  • Get promoted past your peers as you prove your ability to move the business forward with your razor-sharp financial insight.
  • Learn everything you need in the privacy of your own home - no one needs to know where you are getting your "insiders" financial education!
  • In a moment - I'll show you how to use your financial knowledge to master your personal finances too…such as - should you buy or rent, repair or replace, and more…
  • Finally conquer your "math phobia" and work through complicated financial concepts with ease (imagine explaining Net Present Value in just a few minutes on the Whiteboard!); and
  • More… this is truly just scratching the surface!

But, I'm not through yet…

A minute ago, I mentioned that you can (and should) use what you'll learn to grow your personal wealth. Here's how -

"Personal Financial Learning" Bonus Modules -
Other's Pay $94 - You Get Them FREE!

With your enrollment in Financial Mastery University, I will immediately send you three bonus modules. These topics specifically cover 2 key skills you will need to make smart personal financial choices.

Bonus #1: Rent vs. Own (Value $47)

I'll show you a clever way to evaluate your Rent vs. Own options. You'll be surprised by how many times you'll need this simple financial tool. For example, should you continue renting an apartment or purchase a home? Or, should you lease or buy your next vehicle. What about this - you are starting a major home renovation - should your purchase the key tools or rent them? I'll show you how to make the smart decision every time.

Bonus #2: Repair vs. Replacement (value: $47)

This question is so common that I could write a book on it. Frankly most people don't even try making this decision - they just REPLACE! Bad move - because 80% of the time this is the wrong decision - costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for most people. This easy-to-understand bonus will explain when it's the right time to replace and when you should call the handyman.

How to Get the Financial Learning E-Course
for Far Less Than You Think…

Here's the bottom-line.

You are going to get a deep discount for joining the Financial Mastery University because it's brand new. Although professionals like you are joining every day, I can't ask you to pay what they course is really worth.

In a few weeks I will be able to raise the price. But for now, you can get the entire course at an "introductory" for just one payment of $97.

Since I'm giving you $94 worth of free bonuses, you are essentially getting the entire Financial Learning eCourse for just $3! Yep, it's a steal. Like I said before, I am doing this because I need to prove the value of this course.

My reputation is on the line and I need to get this course in as many people's hands as possible.

It gets better -

I'll Guarantee Your Satisfaction with
My 30 Day - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here's my promise to you. Order the course now and download the lessons. Let me walk you through each of the 7 Financial Power Tools and show you how to use them in your business. If you have questions, give me the opportunity to provide you with prompt and detailed answers. Go ahead and download the bonuses and put them to use.

If you are not absolutely floored by the quality of the course then send an email to and I will promptly refund your $97 purchase price. We'll part as friends and I'll let you keep the bonuses as a token of my thanks.

I can't be any fairer than that.

But, You'll Need to Hurry - Only 100 Spots Are Available!

I plan on devoting 100% of my time to helping Financial Mastery University members get the most out of this course. I will be creating new course material, answering questions, and generally working my tail off for 4 months.

This means that I can only take on 100 students at this time. I could take on more but I would go stir crazy trying to deliver a quality experience.

So, after the 100 Spots are claimed, I will close the doors and start a waiting list. I've already seen a strong demand for this course which means the doors will close soon.

Don't procrastinate. $97 is a tiny investment to make in your professional success. Delaying will only cost you (more than it should).

Go ahead and click the Enroll Now button below to get started…

Financial University

Only $97.00

You will be able to down-
load the product immed-
iately after ordering!

Let's face it; you're here because you're searching for an edge. You need to step-up your performance and you believe that financial confidence is the key.

You are right!

Now all you need to do is make a single, decisive decision to make a small investment in yourself. With my 30 Day Guarantee, I am taking all of the risk off your shoulders. Let's get started now -

All the Best,
Dee Reavis

P.S. I can't help myself. I have one more $47 Bonus to give you with your enrollment "Financial Calculator Mastery"- it's actually one of my most popular courses. Almost all of the Financial Power Tools you'll learn can be quickly calculated with a financial calculator.

But, most people are scared to tears when they see one! I'll show you how to wield your financial calculator like a samurai sword (and impress your colleagues with your financial learning!). Just order now and I will immediately include the Financial Calculator Mastery Course with your order.

P.P.S. Remember that you have 30 days to evaluate this Financial Learning eCourse and decide if it's for you. If not, you can get a prompt refund for every penny you've invested. No risk, no hassle. Click here to order now.

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