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Desicions - (Decisions)

This desicions page is dedicated to all those who are looking for information about how to make desicions, but can't spell it. It is properly spelled as decisions.

Have you ever sat there trying to make a desicion, but you just couldn't. If you had more information it would sure be easier. Maybe your parents aren't around anymore to make the decision for you. Many times when you are avoiding making a decision, it comes from being afraid of making the wrong decision.

Desicion Fear

This fear has become an big problem in many organizations. This fear shuts down communication, creates more challenges and comes with a high price tag. "But what if my wrong decision hurts me or my company?" This creates analysis paralysis. Keep analyzing until you have the perfect answer that you are sure of. What really happens is procrastination. The fear of being wrong can stop a person from ever succeeding.

The answer is that it is ok to not get it right the first time. Wrong decisions are the pathway to making correct decisons. The experience you gain from making a wrong decison is essential for climbing the learning curve. It is about learning and growth, just as you did as a child.

How Do Successful Decision Makers Do It?

Let's see how most successful entrepreneurs make decisions (desicions). They make them. And they make them as quickly as possible, often without all of the information in front of them. Through experience, they have learned to trust their instincts and have learned to communicate with themselves about the decisons to be made.2.

How did they get the experience?

Through making decisions and learning from their mistakes, they often say that you need to "fall forward, but don't stand still". You need to learn what works and doesn't work, learn from your mistakes and go forward.

Don't wait until everything is perfect, because they never will be. Just make decisions and get things done. You can always make adjustments later.


If decisions (desicions) or desicion making still scare you make some small decisions and practice. Don't have regrets, just learn from each decision that you make and move forward. It could be as simple as what to have for breakfast. Decide quickly and if it wasn't the best decision, so what, you learned something. Another meal is soon approaching giving you more opportunities to decide. Then expand to more and more important problems, until you discover that your experience has grown to the point where decisions (desicions) become easy.

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